For time lapse imagery with the highest levels of clarity and definition, CEECAM offers our flagship DSLR High Megapixel Camera’s, available in in 16, 24, and 36 megapixel options. Our most popular DSLR product offers 24.3 megapixels of superior clarity, perfect for use in video marketing and promotional campaigns. Unlike the out-of-the box solutions, our CEECAM solutions are enhanced by a unique combination of custom electronics to provide increased flexibility and control, purpose built for each and every unique requirement.

  • Highest quality video imagery available.
  • Available in up to 36 megapixels
  • Optional Pan & Tilt control from a web based dashboard
  • Built-in High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities

Our CEECAM DSLR High Megapixel Cameras offer crystal-clear, super high-definition imagery for use in your marketing and promotional campaigns. The user control features can be assigned and modified instantly through an online dashboard that is easily accessible from any Internet-connected device. View the time lapse video at any time you like and from any location, including your smartphone, laptop, or a desktop computer located in another region of the country.

We not only install all of the cameras, hardware, and software. We also provision, configure, and train your employees on the many features and capabilities of CEECAM Solutions. We also ensure that you receive superior-quality clarity with stunning panoramic imagery regardless of the enviroment. For more information on our wide range of DSLR High Megapixel Cameras products, contact CEECAM today.


With the rental of any CEECAM equipment, installation is included at no additional charge in most circumstances. CEECAM is a full service provider, we take care of your system from start to finish!

Choosing a Live Stream Camera or Time Lapse Camera can be challenging. CEECAM has multiple models available to provide the ideal product for every situation. We've written a detailed Article that covers these decisions.


CEECAM offers both sale and retail on all of our equipments. For both short and long term installations, CEECAM recommends the Rental options, as Installation, Warranty, Service, and Support are included as a standard offering. We have a detailed Article covering both scenarios


Under most conditions, a Camera system can be installed in as little as a week. We work hard to make sure we capture as much of your project as possible, and a large part of that is planning, and executing a fast and efficient install.

CEECAM can design a build a solar power system for any install. These system range in cost and complexity depending on the environment and location they are being installed in