For a very basic solution to your time lapse video requirements, CEECAM offers a variety of packages utilizing our customized 2 megapixel 1080p Cameras. Not every organization requires high-definition imagery with stunning panoramic views for marketing and promotional campaigns. Some project managers and superintendents only want the most fundamental level of time lapse video to document certain security and safety concerns or for very basic documentation of the overall construction progress.

With our variety of 1080p Cameras, you still achieve very basic time lapse video capabilities but at a more affordable cost. However, we always caution our customers, this solution is not recommended for future use in professional-level marketing strategies.

  • Basic clarity with panoramic viewing capabilities
  • Time lapse record and playback options
  • Limited accessibility, configuration, and control capabilities.
  • Continuous support & training

The customized 1080p Cameras from CEECAM are cost-effective solutions for very rudimentary time lapse video requirements, disputing contractor equipment billings, or adding a bird’s eye view to construction site management. The resulting video content may be useful for in-house training videos or discovering much-needed safety protocols. These lower-quality videos can also be useful as an inexpensive security system alternative, in certain situations.

At CEECAM, we take care of the entire installation process for you. We install, configure, maintain, manage, and remove all of the necessary hardware, software, and cabling while also providing on-site training and support. For more information on our wide range of 1080p Cameras and services, contact CEECAM today.


With the rental of any CEECAM equipment, installation is included at no additional charge in most circumstances. CEECAM is a full service provider, we take care of your system from start to finish!

Choosing a Live Stream Camera or Time Lapse Camera can be challenging. CEECAM has multiple models available to provide the ideal product for every situation. We've written a detailed Article that covers these decisions.


CEECAM offers both sale and retail on all of our equipments. For both short and long term installations, CEECAM recommends the Rental options, as Installation, Warranty, Service, and Support are included as a standard offering. We have a detailed Article covering both scenarios


Under most conditions, a Camera system can be installed in as little as a week. We work hard to make sure we capture as much of your project as possible, and a large part of that is planning, and executing a fast and efficient install.

CEECAM can design a build a solar power system for any install. These system range in cost and complexity depending on the environment and location they are being installed in