Live Stream Series

CEECAM offers live stream construction cameras solutions to allow project owners and superintendents to easily monitor the construction site in real time and from any Internet-connected location. Our HD cameras capture the highest levels of detail while displaying imagery is a crisp and clear format. With motion detection configuring capabilities, our live streaming video packages can also be a tremendous benefit for after-hours security recording or investigations into job site safety issues. These video streams can often be provided to in-house or external security personnel for real-time monitoring.

We help you coordinate every detail of the live stream video process, from the setup and installation of the hardware and software to helping you with the Internet hosting requirements. Once the system is fully installed and operational, you will enjoy 24/7 live stream video with quick and easy viewing and control capabilities from desktops, laptops, smartphones, or any other location with an Internet connection. From the PTZ-optimized dashboard environment, users can zoom in, zoom out, pan, or tilt the camera angle to obtain the precise viewing angle required.

  • 4K (8.3mp) Live Stream Cameras, 6MP Live Stream Camera, and 1080p Live Stream Cameras options available.
  • A live stream construction camera package that is customized to fit the unique needs of your project, especially concerning bandwidth and connectivity requirements
  • Protect your job site against theft and vandalism with 24/7 surveillance systems and additional motion detection capabilities.
  • Use live stream video to document and investigate job site safety issues.
  • Enjoy zoom in, zoom out, tilt, and panning capabilities through an easy management dashboard environment.
  • Monitor your job site in all weather conditions and from multiple points of view.
  • Email, share, and save images instantly.
  • Embed video imagery in websites and other promotional content.
  • Unlimited users with varying and pre-defined control capabilities.
  • Accessible from desktop and mobile Internet-connected devices.
  • Continuous support & training
  • And so much more!

Live stream construction video is a useful and cost-efficient tool for monitoring the productivity of construction projects, documenting security footage, and investigating and preventing issues of Worker’s Comp and employee safety issues and training. At CEECAM, we work with each client to develop, install, and manage a time lapse video system that fits the unique needs of your construction project. For more information on our wide range of live stream construction video packages, contact CEECAM today.

For a top-of-the-line solution at an affordable price, CEECAM offers 4K (8.3mp) Live Stream Camera packages with the highest possible video quality available on the market today. This is the perfect live streaming solution for job sites with heavy bandwidth availability, providing beautiful imagery with crisp clarity regardless of the weather conditions. Through our continuous support and training services, your construction team can monitor all on-site activities in real time through a web-based platform with zoom in, zoom out, tilt, and panning capabilities.

For organizations that require a slightly more cost-effective alternative to the state-of-the-art 4K (8.3mp) Live Stream Camera solutions, CEECAM also offers a variety of service packages utilizing our customized 6MP Live Stream Camera products. You still enjoy crisp and clear imagery that is easily managed from a centralized dashboard location while benefiting from live stream video that is easily accessed from any Internet-connected device, including desktops PCs, MACs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

For a very rudimentary solution, to your live stream video requirements, CEECAM offers a variety of packages utilizing our customized 1080p Cameras. Not every organization requires high-definition imagery with stunning panoramic clarity consisting of the most precise detail. That’s what our 4K (8.3mp) Live Stream Camera systems provide. Some project managers and superintendents only need a very basic level of video streaming that provides only simple capabilities and features.

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