Sometimes the imagery from live stream or time lapse video cannot convey the level of professionalism that you truly need in a construction documentation photograph. You might want expert-level photographs that display your construction project in the best possible light. At CEECAM, we specialize in professional Construction Site Photography Services that truly impress. Regardless of your project’s geographical location, our team of creative photographers will document your construction project based on a pre-defined schedule and parameters.

The most common need for professional photography is to produce high-quality images for use in press releases and future marketing and advertising campaigns. But there are so many other reasons to consider hiring an experienced and professional construction photographer. From the pre-construction phase to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, CEECAM photographers can document every phase of the project.

During pre-construction, professional CEECAM photographers can take detailed images of all adjoining structures and site areas, including sidewalks, utilities access points, landscaping features, and other existing conditions. Our Site and Underground Photography Specialists can help with remote project management by sharing detailed images of drainage concerns, underground conduit issues, and access and egress routes. To ensure that all regulatory requirements are being closely followed, we can even capture the rebar placement in concrete construction to prevent possible liability issues.

CEECAM Construction Site Photography Services Include:

  • As-Built Construction Photography
  • Marketing and Promotional Photography
  • Pre-Existing Conditions Photography
  • Site Survey Photography
  • Exterior Grade Photography
  • Interior and Structural Photography
  • LEED Compliance Photography
  • Change Order Verification Photography
  • Underground Photography for cabling, plumbing, and other requirements
  • Pre-Slab Photography
  • Virtual walk-through presentations using video or webcam
  • Photography Services to review and evaluate materials used
  • Photography Services for Remote Project Management
  • Useful for Virtual QA/QC Meetings
  • Improved Communication to identify potential issues before they happen
  • And so much more!

CEECAM offers professional-level Construction Site Photography Services at an affordable price regardless of your geographic location. You can schedule an individual photography session to capture the final exterior and interior features of the building before opening the building to the public. Or you can schedule our team of experienced photographers to come to the job site at predetermined milestones of the various construction phases.

With LEED-certified engineering processes now a requirement for so many construction projects, more and more companies find that hiring a professional photography service to capture the most intricate details of construction in the best possible image helps to make the management of the LEED process much less complicated. CEECAM photographers can take images of key elements, including HVAC systems, fiber optics cabling, fireproofing procedures, and more. You can then use the images as LEED verification or for use in LEED training manuals for in-house use.

By photographically documenting the many stages of construction involving both the exterior and interior of the project, project managers and investors can better identify upcoming challenges, verify schedule delays, improve quality installation processes, and document specs and code issues. CEECAM can even create virtual walk-through presentations of the project both during and after construction. Images and videos are always of the highest quality and resolution to ensure accurate and detailed presentation of the project regardless of the construction phase. For more information on our wide range of Construction Site Photography Services, contact CEECAM today.